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Check List For Builders In Costa Blanca

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Check List For Builders In Costa Blanca

Check List For Customers

You as a real estate agent know how important it is to work with reliable vendors and partners who can meet your clients’ needs.

Professionals in the legal, decorating, and imaging arts… A large group of specialists; pick them wisely to guarantee you meet all of your clients’ needs.

Developers, then, are crucial to filling out your portfolio with solid, verifiable assets.

Where to find a reliable builder on the Costa Blanca and how to evaluate their work
Unfortunately, not every developer will be able to provide what your client requires.

In order to select a reliable Costa Blanca property builder, you need think about the following factors.

First, official records

The developer is responsible for providing the following documentation to the buyer before handing over possession of a freshly constructed property:

Certificate of Completion of Work, Ten Year Defect Insurance, Certificates of Water and Electricity Supply, Declaration of Responsibility, and Certificate of Energy Efficiency.

Make sure the Costa Blanca developer you’re considering is in possession of proper documentation for each of the properties they’re marketing before signing up.

Secondly, the means of transmission

In a real estate partnership, the documentation is essential, but so is establishing regular, fluid interactions.

It’s crucial for the builder and the real estate agent to stay in constant contact so that they’re both aware of the latest property listings.

Tip 3:

What is the cost, what are the pictures, what are the materials?

Tolerating visits

The worst thing you can do is keep a potential buyer waiting while they check out the house of their dreams.

If the developer can keep the viewing process moving along smoothly, the customer won’t lose interest in the property during the buying process.

Visiting a developer’s completed Show House is a huge plus when looking for a reliable builder.

Tip 4:
Proven success in the industry

A developer with a long track record of success on the Costa Blanca is one that has consistently delivered on customer satisfaction.

Developers can survive and thrive with the help of word of mouth.

Tip 5: Word Of Mouth

The real estate industry in any given area has its own unique cycles and requirements.

The real estate market shifts as a result of external factors such as climate and the intended use of properties by their owners (vacation or permanent dwelling, etc.).

Developers need to be familiar with the neighbourhoods surrounding the properties they offer in order to adequately provide and service the most prevalent needs of their customers.

Tip 6:
6. Familiarity with the final user

Customers’ needs vary from one region to another, just as the price per square metre does.

The significant concentration of foreign purchasers on the Costa Blanca, many of whom are unfamiliar with the Spanish language and the local real estate market, makes the area unique.
Both the real estate agent and the builder need to bear this in mind while giving their recommendations.

Tip 7:

Markets perform better when their experts have higher levels of education.

As a result, a property developer that invests in ongoing training for its real estate agent collaborators is doing double duty: on the one hand, it will increase the sales ratios of the properties it sells, and on the other, it will promote a transparent and healthy real estate market.

That’s why we here at Build Works are dedicated to providing the real estate agents who work with us with all the tools they need to excel in their careers.

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